Friday, July 11, 2008

Just What We Need

Madison, and Wisconsin in general have been experiencing numerous storms this summer. Another storm walloped Madison today, after scouring a line coming across Minnesota. This one was promising 70 mph winds, torrential rain, and possible hail. I was on my commute home from Sun Prairie when I stopped to take this photo. It looked ugly and was moving fast. 30 seconds later I was in the thick of it. The rain was coming down in sheets, driven by strong winds. It was like driving into a wall.

Here It Comes!
Here It Comes!

The high winds had snapped off about a third of this tree. At rush hour time it was blocking two of three lanes on East Washington Ave near Mendota St. I expected to arrive home and find a big chunk of my neighbor's silver maple on my house. Again. Fortunately, it survived another storm.

East Washington Obstacle
East Washington Ave Obstacle

As it turns out, after the second wave of storms came through last night, there are numerous trees down all around the city. Hmmm, as I type this I hear rain starting again. A quick check of the NOAA radar reveals - Another storm coming!

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