Monday, July 7, 2008

eyeDance Info

A little eyeDance info for my readers.

I put a site meter on the blog about a year ago, and it shows some interesting things. Here is the map showing the location of the last 100 viewers of eyeDance:

As you can see, the spread around the world is nicely distributed. It varies a little bit, but China is usually absent, and Japan is referenced now and then. There is a reader in Tasmania and a few in Australia that hit occassionally. While I have no idea who these viewers are (except in a select few cases), I can look and see what brought them to the page, how long they stayed, and if they viewed other pages. All that helps me build a more satisfying blog.

Stay tuned, I have some interesting photos to add later today! Thanks for dropping by.



  1. Hmmm... I will occasionally link here from posts in my LJ. I've got a Kiwi & an Ozzie reading mine, so perhaps that's how you're finding hits from down under?

  2. Could be, and thanks! Sometimes I see that people got to this blog via a Google search, and I can see the terms on which they searched. I don't check such things very often; it chews up a lot of time. I do sometimes check when I see a location I haven't seen before.


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