Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quick Trip to Baxter's Hollow Preserve

Since I am still between contracts, I took some time yesterday to ride the motorcycle in search of early fall color. I had intended to head up to Pewit's Nest, near Baraboo, WI. As I zipped up Hwy 12 near the former Badger Ammunition plant, I recalled that there was a conservancy area nearby that I had been trying to visit for probably a decade. Early attempts had been thwarted by bad timing or bad luck. A quick left got me to the entrance road, now a dead end since they had made some changes to the area and the road, while it still exists, has a 2.5 mile stretch that is now considered a "moderate hiking path". The narrow road is beautiful in the fall.


From the parking area it is a short walk, less than a quarter mile, to the first intersection with Otter Creek which runs through the area. This time of year after weeks with little or no rain, it was pretty low but there was evidence to suggest it swells significantly during other times. I spent some time nosing around the general area though since I was still in all my motorcycle gear I was not interested in strenuous hiking.

f/20, ISO 500, Shutter 1/10 second (hand held!)

DS3_2276 . DS3_2269_edited-1 . DS3_2274

f/16, ISO 500, Shutter 1/8 second (hand held!)

DS3_2282 . DS3_2273 . DS3_2292

The area is called Baxter's Hollow, and it is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Madison, WI. I intend to return in the spring and see if I can catch Otter Creek at a full, rollicking state.

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