Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'm thinking this is like the poster boy photo for eyeDance:
Reena chose this eye patch as a gift for our piratical friend, Jon. Being piratical, he promptly put it on and continued sipping his Salvatore (hic!). There is a MUCH more amusing photo involving the eye patch, but I'm not going to post it unless I get some comments on the eyeDance page requesting it.

Added 9/22: It turns out that people are finding it inconvenient to post here, and more convenient to post to me via email. So, while there are no comments here, I have received requests to show the other photo. So, without further warning I give you the creepy, but hilarious...

[For those who are getting these posts via the Google group email, I notice that the links don't work. You might consider visiting the eyeDance page and only use the email as a notification. Your choice, of course.]

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