Sunday, January 20, 2013


There is no unified theme to today's post, just a bit of house-cleaning. These are photos that I have had in mind for a post, but never got to them. So I offer them as a potpourri of eyeCandy from eyeDance.


A recent shoot for a pair of aerial dancers yielded this dragged-shutter image. I only had time for a few of these, and most did not work well, but I thought this one was worth sharing.


When my wife was a kid back in the days of film cameras, her dad would use of the last frame or two on a roll by having the kids line up on the front walk and do a "jump picture". At a recent gig, members of Cycropia Aerial Dance did the same. This was not technically the best of the bunch but it makes me laugh every time I see it.


At a recent wedding I could not resist getting a shot of these shoes. I assumed I would get another one later when they were on the dance floor, but by the time it occurred to me again, the shoes were discarded in favor of barefoot dancing. And, she told me, they were on sale.

Nala DS3_8142.jpg

A gratuitous cat picture? When it is the always lovely Nala, sure. And yes, that fabric on the chair is hers, and she loves it.

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