Saturday, January 5, 2013

Almost an Embarrassment of Riches


I think my life is rich and fascinating. It has been filled with an abundance of experience and unique people.

In addition to owning and being head photographer/artist at eyeDance Photography, I have a corporate day job that keeps me intellectually stimulated and challenged, and I am a board member, choreographer, and dancer with Cycropia Aerial Dance. Add to that a 25-year marriage to a wonderful partner, a telegenic cat, a lifelong love affair with motorcycles, and a wide-ranging social network, and it adds up to a pretty fine existence.

The photo shoots I get to do are generally a privilege and they really feed the creative, artistic side of my soul. Often women, often rather intimate, these photo sessions are almost all fun and playful for both me and the client. Older posts have illustrated some of these images, and you can see samples HERE at my business website.

This photo is from a recent shoot with two young, up-and-coming aerial dancers who have been trained, in part, by Cycropia's program, as well as other ancillary teachers. They are dedicated and willing to put in the time needed to hone their craft, and it is really starting to show. The lyra (steel hoop) was hung in a Madison studio, and the homely ceiling and light fixtures are edited out using Photoshop (not a common habit for me). The unusual crop accentuates the long bodies and their shape in space. I really like it.

I have a wedding to shoot, also not a common practice, but it is for a woman who has been an acquaintance and pal for around a decade, and I have done high school senior portraits for her two children. As the wedding itself is likely to be low key and low drama, I accepted the gig. Generally I steer such requests to my nephew and his wife who primarily shoot weddings and are really quite good at it.

Continuing the trend of fun, new things, I am starting a new corporate job on Monday after a brief hiatus when my last employer closed their office here in Madison leaving me without a job. I am uniquely positioned in life to not have to take the first job that came along, so I was able to look for and apply for only those that I thought would be a good fit. This one seemed like such, and I hope (for both our sakes) that I am correct. I will enjoy having the intellectual challenge to keep me sharp!

On the dance front, I am rehearsing three pieces for our upcoming spring show (March 29-30, here in Madison, WI) as well as co-directing the show. In short, life is a cornucopia of interestingness. Or at the very least, that is how I choose to experience it.

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