Thursday, January 31, 2013

International Folk Fair

Today is the day I finally offer some of the photographs from the actual International Folk Fair. I have sort of offered all of the related pictures in the last couple of posts, images of the things going on around the fair. It is hard to capture all the buzzing energy of the crowd. Attendees vary from casual drop ins to those who are there because it is their idea of a perfect day. I fall somewhere in the middle of that range.

The first performance I saw was the alpenhorns. They create such a sonorous tone, and these guys did a fine job of showing off their skill.


In passing I caught the Mannerchor, the (primarily) German heritage mens choir. They were down a floor from where I was in the rotunda, and I was going up two mofe floors so I listened for a few minutes and grabbed this shot.


The kung fu school at which I used to train - Zhong Yi - had a mixed age group perform a traditional lion dance to bring good luck. I think there were six lions. I guessed poorly about where would be the best vantage point to get good photos, but I liked how this one turned out. My location really called for a wide angle lens, but alas, I did not have one.


There are a few more that I might get out here yet. I knew that life was too busy to blast away a couple of hundred photos (and then edit) so I was more parsimonious this time out. They say that with age comes wisdom. *grin*

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