Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It is a new day - Go VOTE!

State Street (DS3_7745)

There are local elections today, and they have far-reaching implications. There is a Supreme Court justice race, and the incumbent (Prosser) has sated that he is a Republican partisan and will likely support the GOP agenda (which includes attacks on PLanned Parenthood, health care in general, as well as the whole worker's rights thing). His opponent, JoAnne Kloppenberg, has promised to remain impartial (though she rallied with We The People at the Capitol). I will vote for Kloppenberg.

The Mayoral race is less compelling. The incumbent mayor is OK but not hugely effective, and I think he wasted a lot of time and capital on strange issues. The challenger, Soglin, has been mayor twice before with mixed success, though I am a fan of State Street as a pedestrian mall (see photo above). I intend to vote for Soglin.

We also have a race for County Executive, and there is another case of a Republican candidate who supports the Governor's agenda. In no way will I vote for her. The Democrat challenger, Joe Parisi, gets my vote.

There are also two local referendum, both dealing with the misbegotten concept of Corporate "personhood" as established by the Supreme Court in the "Citizens United" case. A YES vote on both questions says you disagree with and want to overturn the idea of corporations having the same rights as people. I strongly urge you to vote YES.


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