Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Flowers Did Not Think It Was Funny

As is typical here in Wisconsin, we get a week or more of nice weather with temperatures in the upper 40's or even low 50's (F) in March, then in early April we get snow again. So it was yesterday, April 1, or April Fools Day as it is known. Typically a day for harmless pranks and spoofs. Mother Nature chose to implement rain as slushy snow for her prank.


The blooming flowers were not amused. I am reasonably certain that I have never seen Siberian Iris being used as cups to contain slush before. No real harm done though. It did not get below freezing last night, and those two blooms are still strong this morning. Spring flowers are tough!

It is sunny today, and the temps are headed to the upper 40's again. I expect to see a bunch of new crocus blooms as well as noticeable growth or sightings of rhubarb, lilies, iris, sweet woodruff, snow on the mountain, hostas, tulips, and sedum. I am watching daily for a glimpse of my trillium (both black and white). I love spring.

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