Sunday, April 10, 2011

It is all different with a dog's eye view

I took a bunch of photos at the protest rally - again - in Madison where we are - now - protesting highly suspicious election results from a Republican tool who has been charged with election misconduct in the past AND has been an employee of the Supreme Court Justice whose extra votes she "found" 29 hours after all the election results had all been filed, tipping the election in her former bosses favor. Is this Wisconsin or some banana republic? (please do not answer that!)

And I am sick and tired of posting protest photos. Maybe I will post them one day, but that day is not today.

These FUN photos were taken over the weekend while I was doing some puttering in the yard and taking a hike with friends. No one was chanting or shouting, and no one was carrying any signs. Of course, the conversation occasionally looped around to politics, but then we all remembered we were there for FUN and changed the topic.


Yea for the bees!

Dog's Eye View 1 (DS3_7957)

It is all different with a dog's eye view!

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