Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reena Plows Her Way To Work

Well, we surely had a winter storm worthy of the word "storm". Madison got socked - comparatively lightly - with around 8" of snow, but the howling wind blew it into impressive drifts in driveways and sidewalks. Here is Reena heading out the front door:

Reena Leaves For Work

You can see the snow is at mid-thigh as she pauses one step op from the front walk. She is walking to a co-workers house a few blocks away to get a ride to work with him rather than taking the bus. He figured that since he is the keyholder, and might have a tough time getting to work, there was no point in Reena standing around in the cold waiting for him if he was lats, so they should be potentially late together. That was courteous of him. Her walk was bound to be tiring...

Reena Plows Her Way To Work

These, and more later today, can be viewed in a SET on my Flickr site. The most recent shots are up front.

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