Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Banshee

I do not use Photoshop all that much. Mostly I use it for finer tweaks to photos - particularly erasing unwanted aspects - rather than to turn normal humans into artificial porcelain dolls that look nothing like the real person (like the cover of almost any magazine. Best quote ever: Cindy Crawford once said she would love to look like Cindy Crawford.) When I do use it, it tends to be for the fun of it. Like this:


I took the lovely photo of the dancer leaping (refer back two posts) and had my way with it. First I rotated the image, then I duplicated it and converted the top layer to B&W. Next I erased, with 20% opacity, her garments to bring a dash of color back in. Then I cloned in the rest of the background that disappeared when the image was rotated. I added two layers of the text to get a bit of drop shadow, and reduced their opacity to get a conceal/reveal effect. Finally I added a top layer and filled it with a "clouds" filter, stretched to 250% or so to make it wispier, faded it, and then added a minimal "plastic wrap" filter to make the clouds and gnarly background pop a bit.

What do you think?


  1. I really like it except the face. I know you called it banshee but the first thing that caught my eye was the hair and pinkish top, then I saw the face and it was just a bit much. Maybe soften the contrast on the face so that it becomes flatter more ghostly and less skull-like. maybe more like a veiled statue

  2. I love it, totally Banshee. And, like you I'm not the biggest user of photoshop. I paint....that's kind of like cheating to me. But it does help clear those smudges on a black and white etc. and can add many new qualities to a piece .....I've heard. Really haven't been able to afford that sortware! I love what you've done though! Karin


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