Monday, February 21, 2011

Day Seven - I Think

Today was Day 7 of the assembled mass of protesters at the state Capitol in Madison, WI. Freezing rain and a need to return to real life held numbers down today. There were perhaps 5,000 protesters in evidence when I was there this afternoon. There is much evidence that the protest is not likely to end any time soon.


The message was a bit more focused as well. It is now pretty clear to all concerned that this is not really about a budget shortfall. After all, worker representatives have already agreed to the proposed financial concessions. So the illusion is gone, and it really IS about smashing the power of the labor unions.


Of course, sometimes it IS about the money:


As usual, there are more photos in a SLIDE SHOW. There are photos from prior days as well, but the most recent ones are first.

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