Friday, January 28, 2011

It Was A Good Day To Play

You know that life is good when an opportunity to earn a bit of scratch is also an opportunity to get in costume and play!

Festive Crew (DSC_0033)

Last night Cycropia performed for the Middleton Chamber of Commerce's annual event. We were ground performers interacting with the attendees and we had three lyra - steel hoops - mounted 10+ feet in the air to do some aerial dance.

The rig, 1 of 3 (DSC_0014)

It seemed to be a smashing success. The folks from the Chamber of Commerce were effusive with their praise, and indicated a tremendous amount of positive comments from the attendees. Staff from the hotel were blown away at how easy we were to work with, and delighted in watching us.

There are a double-handful of pics in a SLIDE SHOW for your entertainment.

A day well seized!

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