Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Madison Rocks - Reason #1058


There are a lot of reasons to like Madison, and there are many interesting and unique things about the city. This week's favorite for me is that on the grounds of the state capitol here, there is a vegetable garden.


Perhaps even more to the point, the produce from said garden is not constrained to a garbage bin, or even a compost heap, due to asinine regulations. Instead, all the bounty of this small garden is donated to a local community center's food pantry where it goes directly and promptly to needy families.


Brilliant, no? It's a new thing this year and the plot is small. But it is a space that was used previously for EXPENSIVE tulips. It is right along the walkway for Madison's huge Farmer's Market each Saturday morning so it sends a positive, can do message to all who pass by. I hope they expand the concept next year. There is a lot of lawn around the capitol that could be utilized...

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