Saturday, September 11, 2010

Best. Party. Ever.

I am not yet finished blogging about the party from last weekend. It is truly a remarkable party, not least because it runs non-stop from Saturday afternoon until Monday afternoon. And not just because there are a generous handful of chefs who love to feed the entire party with truly spectacular food, and thirty-plus half barrels of beer to wash it down with. Those are fantastic things. In addition to those things is the preponderance of really talented musicians.


If memory serves, there are no less than EIGHT musical acts represented, some in toto and with just one or two members. During the nighttime hours, musical magic happens in the form of extended performances with musicians dropping in and out.


The rest of the party responds appropriately, dancing like madmen/women or simply groovin' to the tunes as the spirit moves them. Me? I'm a dancer! But I'm also the guy with the camera, so no dancing fool pics of me this time.


The long, beer-soaked days make for a sort of surreal perspective, and I tried to let my camera capture what my soul experienced. What a great party!

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