Thursday, June 17, 2010

Captain Hook - R.I.P.

Our aged and ill feline companion, Captain Hook, has left his suffering body. If there is any sort of afterlife for kitties, I hope it is filled with fat, slow mice and clueless songbirds. (One imagines that mouse and bird afterlife would be slightly different. No worries, it is just a many worlds exercise.)


He has been an interesting companion all these years. He was fiercely independent, only allowed human cuddling on his terms when he wanted it. He lived with us; we didn't own him. Sure, some of you are saying, "Cats are like that." True enough, but he took it beyond normal aloofness. During our early years as housemates, he would invent games, and entice us to play with him. A couple of years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes. We actually expected him to pass on much sooner, but with strict diet and tender loving care, he surprised us and kept going. It became clear recently that he was used up, and so we helped him end the suffering. He is buried in the back yard, under a rock he enjoyed basking next to in the sun. We will miss the little fuzzball.

Here are more pics (plus a couple of Romeo) if you are interested.

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  1. A lovely tribute to your feline friends! ~Cinda


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