Monday, July 5, 2010

Postus Interuptus

Wow, I have been derelict in my blogging duty. For about two of the past three weeks I have been traveling. One of those weeks was a working vacation, and I will have a few pics to share from that time. This most recent week I was on a motorcycle trip that did not go as planned. There will definitely be pics of that.

The first week was the Pagan Spirit Gathering - or PSG - a week-long festival for followers of various nature-based religions or spiritual paths such as Witches, Druids, Shaman, etc. Since this is an ecumenical gathering, there are a lot of seekers and eclectic Pagans, and fewer dogged and determined traditionalists (though there are some). There are vendors at this gathering selling goods and service that the merchant thinks a Pagan festival goer will want: Tie dye clothing, books on the topics, jewelery of a witchy sort, incense and herbs, and me. I was offering what I do: Photography. My intent was to allow the folk at the gathering to capture their spiritual self on the beautiful grounds of the festival site, wearing or displaying the tools of their path. Interestingly, that is not really what I did for the week. Bide with me, an I will explain more in a subsequent post.

The motorcycle trip, in brief, went wrong almost from the start. The friend I rode to meet fell ill and so I went on solo to rendezvous with my wife a couple of days later. The rendezvous went without a hitch. Then it rained. Hard. And our usual rain-proof tent setup was less than optimal. Now with the friend better and ready to ride, we were ready to bail. Again, a subsequent post, with pics, will fill in the details.

Until then, adieu. I have to unpack and tidy the house after two trips.

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