Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Marquette Waterfront Festival Dancers

I made it to the Marquette Waterfront Festival last Saturday. It is the kickoff event of a series of outdoor music festivals in Madison over the summer - free to the public. There is generally a pretty good line-up of bands and folk turn out in droves. One of the early bands was Madison's own Yid Vicious playing klezmer tunes. They never fail to get the local ethnic folk dancers moving!


Following them were The Handphibians, Madison's Brasilian bateria. Different dancers to besure, but they do get people moving. They are real crowd-pleasers.


Alas, about the time the 'Phibs took the stage, my workhorse lens, the Sigma 18-200, quit functioning properly. Purchased in Nov. of 2008, it is just 7 months out of warranty. Figures. It's currently at B.D.C. with a repair estimate in excess of $100, and more likely $150 and three weeks. I repair the >$400 lens or use the $150 to pop for a different, better lens?

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