Sunday, June 13, 2010

Steampunk Party - Part Two

I finished sorting through the various photographs of the dancers at the event Friday night. As performers, it was all variations of belly dance, either classical or tribal.

The Dancers

All were entertaining and worth watching. Unfortunately for them, the lighting was terrible and there were no spots of any sort, just overheads, and they were not bright. The available light images were all taken at high ISO, while the ones with an on-camera flash are the ones that create the hard shadows on the back wall.

The Dancers

The rest of the room was dimly lit, going for a mood. When Tashar came out to work with fire, the lights were dimmed even more. It made for fun watching and tough shooting.

The Dancers

These and another 15 or so have been added to the SLIDE SHOW. Check it out and see the images in larger goodness!

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