Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Post-camera Play

I took some images from a recent shoot and tweaked them a bit with software. The changes are not radical in this one, but it radically changed the impact of the photo.

Robert: Almighty Tamborine
The Mighty Tamborine

Modifying the light to accent the pose makes a rather hum-drum photo have some real *POW*.

In addition, I took a handful of shots and combined them into a montage that I liked. Again, this is no dramatic manipulation or alteration of the images, just applying them in an interesting and useful way.

Robert Montage



  1. I'm assuming from the instruments and t-shirt that Robert is a member of Pagee a GoGo. The montage is a neat way of truly showing the many facets of the person!

  2. I love the shot of Robert with tambourim...that light and the black t-shirt really work well. Accentuation of his arm muscles is also really nice. I'd like to see that image as the part of the montage that gets the most "weight" as it shows both his musical intelligence and professionalism very well. Laurie


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