Friday, December 4, 2009

Boudoir Beauty

eyeDance Studio ~ the business arm of this blogger ~ has branched into boudoir photography. I had a young woman desiring to give her pending marriage partner an intimate portrait as a gift. The process, and the solution, was a consensus effort and pretty fun for both of us.

Some of my thoughts on boudoir photography are on the web page, but this seems to sum it up. "There are many ways to have a portrait made of yourself. Sometimes the perfect choice is more private, more intimate. These boudoir portraits hang in a bedroom, away from the eyes of those who may not share your comfort with and celebration of the nude or partially nude body of your love. Boudoir (French for bedroom) portraits range from romantic and soft to bold and flirtatious. Attitude is most important in this style of portrait. Since the typical recipient is a loved one, the message needs to clearly convey romance, affection, and love. This style of portrait is a very personal gift, not to be taken lightly. Boudoir portraits are not always nudes. In fact, it is often more desirable to be partially covered, suggestive rather than flagrant. Capturing the relationship between the subject and the not-present partner is the goal, be it playful or discrete."

A sample of the results are HERE, and it is Not Safe For Work. If you have ever considered such a portrait for yourself or a loved one, contact eyeDance Studio today and let's talk about your intimate portrait.

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  1. So, you are probably thinking why would she choose Boudoir Photography as her specialty? My answer, is "What's there not to love?"! I get to help women look and feel beautiful, empower themselves, women who look at the models in the magazines and think "I will never look like that".... feel like that! I refuse to alter you in a way that you won’t recognize yourself, I want you to look at these photos, and feel your essence, see the beauty that the rest of the world already sees in you. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our day to day priorities, that we forget what makes us feel good. Think to yourself, when was the last day you felt absolutely amazing?


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