Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Great Tree Hunt of '09

One of my traditions is to stalk the perfect holiday tree with my sister. I use the term "holiday tree" not to be politically correct, but because we celebrate different holidays. She is a Christian of the Unitarian Universalist variety, and so puts up and decorates a "Christmas" tree. I on the other hand, am a neo-Pagan, and the tree I opt to erect has ties to old traditions celebrating the solstice and so is referred to as a "Solstice" or "Yule" tree. Same custom, different religions, with one having borrowed from the other.

Sis prefers to stomp around in the snow and chop down(*) her own tree. Since that seems like fun, I go along with the idea. The tree farm we have been going to is getting picked over, and many of the trees are barely waist high.

Great Tree Hunt '09

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This year sis was looking for a fir tree rather than a pine. The "perfect tree" takes many forms, and sometimes that is a decision that is made entirely in the moment. Did she want a "Charlie Brown" tree, small and scraggly, and needing of tender loving care?

Great Tree Hunt '09


After some searching, she found a likely candidate. She and Reena had to dig down a foot or so to get a look at the base. Since there was no shovel, that meant a lot of kicking at the snow.

Great Tree Hunt '09

After considerable review, it was deemed satisfactory. There was much rejoicing.

Great Tree Hunt '09

Next came my favorite part. Remember that I said sis wants to chop down her own tree? Apparently that is only a conceptual idea. Actually laying down in the cold, wet snow is not really on her agenda at all. That is why she has her baby brother - me - come along. Wise to the game, I now make her grovel and beg before I do the deed.

Great Tree Hunt '09

It should be noted that I come prepared for this wearing nylon waterproof jacket and pants. It is really no hardship, and it is great sport to make her beg, so we both play our roles and everyone wins. I do make her work though. I made no effort to help her haul the tree back to the car.

Great Tree Hunt '09

She made it perhaps fifty feet before she was huffing and puffing. I took over and dragged the tree the rest of the way.

We were done rather quickly, and so had time to stop at a convenient coffee shop and have a cup of java and some sort of pastry treat. It was a fun time, and I look forward to carrying on our Yuletide traditions.

Happy holidays!


  1. Well, of COURSE you make her beg. And of COURSE you're going to cut the tree anyway. You're siblings - isn't that how the relationship works?

    Lovely photos of both ladies :)

  2. I am so sorry I missed this annual adventure. You forgot to mention Ivy the Reindeer, or take her photo.


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