Monday, December 21, 2009

Bodies In Motion

Supposedly working on grabbing a series of photos for possible sale, I got side-tracked looking at pictures of dancers. I realized that over the years I have accumulated rather a lot of them, as well as other shots that spoke to me of the delight of moving.

Carnival Crowd

As a dancer, former martial artist, and general play-baby myself, I find myself drawn routinely to the subject.

Cycropia: Rehearsal at Orton

Not only dancers, but people involved in all sorts of physical activities like running, biking, skating, skateboarding, anything really that engages the body for the sheer delight of it. I suppose that I have limited myself to activities that do not involve winning or losing.


After gathering them all into a set, I make them available to you as a slide show titled appropriately enough, BODIES IN MOTION. The images are in random sequence with no regard to date or activity. Enjoy!

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