Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Tale of Two Shots

Well really, it is the tale of two versions of one shot. The first is pretty much straight from camera, just after sunset but before twilight. It is an OK photo.


The second shot is less a photograph, and more of a photo illustration. I suppose it is possible to do what I did with processing in a darkroom, though in this case I used the digital darkroom, Photoshop.

Gazebo winter night

Most obviously I darkened the image using a layer to introduce a uniform blue-violet transparent shade. There is also a less obvious gradient layer darkening the sky a bit more. I also selected and brightened each of the Christmas-y lights in the gazebo. Next I added a yellowy-orange luminescence in the gazebo and around the light in the background to the right. Finally, I significantly tidied up the foreground by removing many of the leaves. What I was attempting to achieve was a version of the photo that I thought to describe as "Currier and Ives", but I do not believe that is the artist I am thinking of. Well, when I find my example, I will update this post.

Your thoughts?

UPDATE: A reader suggested the artist Thomas Kincaid as my inspiration. His work is definitely a source! Thank's Minnesotastan!

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