Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marko in the Spotlight

Every once in a while I get to take photos that get someone Just Right. While it is true that is something of a knack of mine, I cannot always make it work. In this case, I got some good shots of Marko from Pagee Go Go. He often stands in the second row, further back from the front of the stage, so it is tougher to get him. Add to that his tendency to stand in places where stage lights are not pointing, and it makes it challenging to get good images of him.

Pagee Go Go

The band recently played an outdoor gig at a festival with a pretty nice stage, and Marko managed to be in front for a while.

Pagee Go Go

The lights were hitting him just right, sculpting him dramatically. I shot a bunch, knowing that this was an elusive opportunity.

Pagee Go Go

Thanks for coming up front into the spotlight once in a while, Marko! The rest of the set can be viewed in this slide show:

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  1. band photos look great!!!! good times! men in sarongs: my favorite!


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