Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Becalmed at the Terrace

Summer is just around the corner at last! A recent trip to the Terrace on a fine evening found evidence to support that claim. Lethargy and sun-soaking dominated the scene.

Becalmed at the Terrace

Soaking Up Spring Rays

It was great to notice, however, that a good number of those slothful people seemed to have arrived on bicycles. Could it be...balance? Work and play, Labor and leisure, Beer and Popcorn?

Bikes at the Terrace

I had a chat with a couple of young men from Greenland who were in Madison, after traveling throughout the US. They were on their way to a summer job in Wisconsin Dells. They enthusiastically pointed out that Madison was the "most European city they had encountered." The friendliness, the abundance of both bicycles and beer, the acceptance of people who were "other". Yeah, way to go Madison!

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