Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kait in the Garden

Way back in February I met a young woman named Kait at the carnaval show (Brasilian Mardi Gras) at the High Noon Saloon. She was with a bunch of pals, and they were having a great time together. I took a couple of shots of their group and sent them to Kait since it was her email addy I got. She was wearing a bra top that was covered with silk leaves and it looked great on her. She mentioned that she had similar bottoms but had been reluctant to wear it out since she didn't know if others would be so scantily clad. I suggested a photo shoot, and she thought it might be fun.

Time passed, and life happened.

Yesterday both our schedules were finally in sync, so we got together at last. We started in the studio, but that proved to be uninteresting (or at least, not really WOW). So we went outside to shoot in the lush ferns. That was much better! A sample of the results are linked below in a slideshow posted at my Flickr site. If I had had an apple in the house I would definitely have played the 'Eve' card!

View the slideshow large by following this link, or by going to my Flickr site.

Feel free to leave comments, especially if you are a shooter willing to offer constructive criticism (of me and my work, not her) or after-the-fact outside eyes.

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