Monday, June 22, 2009

Ahh, vacation!

I was gone last week for a bit of a holiday. Reena and I rendezvoused with friends to celebrate the summer solstice. The week passed way too quickly, though much fun and bonhomie was enjoyed by all.

While I did not take many photos to share with the world, I did take this shot of a friend making his version of Glühwein, a mulled and spiced wine.


Normally the recipe calls for simply steeping, but what fun is that when you can FLAME it?! In this case, over-proofed rum is used along with brown sugar. After the basic ingredients are steeped, the sugar and rum are added, then the mixture is ignited. As it is ladled, burning, back and forth between two pots, the excess alcohol burns off and caramelizes the sugar. Served warm, it is a delightful treat. This is definitely one to remember for fall camping.

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