Friday, May 30, 2008

Marriage of Megan and Jess - Part Three

Thursday night was the bachelorette party for Megan and Jess. It was a pretty fun group - boys and girls, gay and straight. One of the "Best Persons" organized a bunch of games and frivolity to keep the fun moving.

Bachelorette Party

And of course, a bit of alcohol fuels the sillyness!

Bachelorette Shots

A few of the party favors were more interesting than others. I notice in this picture that the brides seem a bit uncertain about this particular item:

Oooh, new paddle!

Megan and Jess had requested a couple of drag queens, but apparently there was no local talent available, so we chose to improvise and what they got was yours truly offering up a 'drag tease'. I had a slinky dress under my pants and shirt, and stripped into the dress. Low budget to be sure, but funny.


Stay tuned for actual wedding shots!

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  1. Hmmm... Now, how exactly did I know that the little black dress would be making an appearance here?

    - Eric


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