Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wheels On Willy

I got out this morning to catch some of the bicycle races ("Wheels On Willy") here in Madison. While not a bike race junkie, I enjoy the athleticism and passion that goes along with such an event. I set myself up at Turn One, which is at the end of an uphill segment of the course and just at the start of the only downhill. Riders poser up the hill, then swoop past, upshifting furiously to take advantage of the slope.

Through Turn One
Through Turn One

While the adult races were fun to watch, the kids got all the smiles. They ran a dozen or so in each heat, seemingly divided by age. The racers presence seemed to range from dogged and determined to unclear on the concept of "racing". Regardless, fun was had by all, not least by the spectators.

Lovin' It
Using the old 'Tongue Out' technique!

This little machine powered his three-wheeler to an easy victory. He simply had the crowd laughing the whole way with his huge grin and tongue lolling out. What a peach!

You can view the whole set HERE.

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