Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Marriage of Megan and Jess, Part One

I'm taking a little vacation this week, and am out in Massachusetts to celebrate the Marriage of two friends, Megan and Jess. They have rented a large sprawling Cape Cod house, and all the less well-heeled friends and family, and me, are staying here. All told, there will be 24 of us by the weekend. Can you say communal living? Today, our morning task was to paint a whimsical backdrop for their nuptial photos. It's an under-sea theme for the backdrop, so we painted fish and eels and sharks and jelly fish and a lesbian mermaid lounging on her discarded flannel shirt with a riding crop and glittery pasties. Run of the mill under sea stuff. Here are Megan and Jess painting some of the backdrop:

Painting the photo back drop

Of course, puckish Jess just HAD to stand behind Megan with a brush loaded with red paint. Right behind her. With the brush half an inch from her back. Had to. Of course, Megan eventually leaned back and got a load of red paint in the middle of her back. So of course Megan had to dip her brush and stand up to retaliate:

The start of the Great Paint Fight

Fortunately for all involved (or spectating), the clicking of my camera, and the preceeding statement that "I blog.", caused saner heads to prevail, and only a prief flurry of feints and passes occured, with very little actual paint delivered to the foe. Here, Jess hs just taken a swish at Megan, and missed. Much laughter ensued, and the back drop was completed with all the skill a batch of adult three year olds can muster.

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