Thursday, May 29, 2008

Marriage of Megan and Jess - Part Two

Today we took our rented bicycles on the ferry and crossed from Falmouth, MA, to Martha's Vinyard. We biked around and looked at sights, ate, and drank coffee. An all-around low-key day. The group is still small, just eight of us, but that will start changing tonight as more people arrive at the house. By the weekend there will be 24 of us there.

Megan on the ferry to Martha's Vinyard

Much like me, Jess often has a camera stuck to the front of her face. In this shot we're on the ferry returning to Falmouth, and Jess is leaning over the rail a bit to get some wave shots. I love the shark fin!

Jess, shooting waves
Jess doing her thing

With a world filled with 'phobes, these two lovebirds don't get to smooch in public real often. I just happened to turn at the right moment to capture this elusive shot.

Jess and Megan

Tonight is the Bachelorette Party, and drag queens were requested. I wonder if they'll find any here? Falmouth doesn't seem the sort of place (unlike, say, Provincetown). They may have to settle for something less...

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