Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Slow Shot of a Fast Creek

I had some leisure this past weekend to try to push my skills a little bit. I was camped near a beautiful stream that emerged crystal clear and cold from the side of a hill. A few feet later the stream is five or six feet wide and home to watercress and not too much else. Less than a quarter mile downstream it becomes home to some nice brook trout. This shot is taken at a bend quite near the head and the rocks make a pleasant splishing sound that is nicely relaxing.

Slow Shot of a Fast Creek
200 ISO, 1.6 seconds at f/13 using a tripod and remote trigger. An ND4 neutral density filter was used as well.

The photo is particularly stunning at larger size, so
View Large On Black

This is probably the finest photo I have ever taken.


  1. it is amazing, N... I now have it as my desktop background. Centered, against black - beeyooteefull.

  2. I'm sure the finest photo you ever took was one of ME! :P

  3. Actually I like your "Softly Falls the Water", much better.

    Doug A.


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