Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kilted Nataraj

Kilted Nataraj, originally uploaded by nataraj_hauser / eyeDance.

This is what I really look like. The temperature reached a balmy 27 (F) today, so it was finally warm enough to bust out the kilt again. Ahhhh! I spent the day tromping around Madison with my camera, watching people emerge from the -5 (F) imposed hiding we've been doing. There were snow football games (this IS where Packer fans live, after all!), ice fishermen (they're out regardless of the temps...I do NOT understand ice fishing!), and just plain doing things. Like shoveling...again...because it snowed last night...again. We'd better get a thaw soon!

If you click on this image, you'll be taken to my Flickr site and can see the handful of pics of my day.

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  1. The sure sign of an international readership - you specify (F) when talking about temperatures, so the metrically enabled don't wonder what all the whining is about.

    I also love it that your kilt matches your boots. :-)


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