Sunday, January 13, 2008

Winter Snow

We drove to St. Paul, MN, this weekend for a party to plan a party. The party being planned is a bigevent: 2.5 days and about 75 people, 13+ half barrels of bier, lotsa music and dancing, and 4 square meals served per day. Since I volunteered (read: was volunteered) to be the Grand Poobah, it falls to me to sort out the details, generally by having other people do the work. So, a planning session for all MY volunteers was called for. That meant a half barrel of bier, food, music and dancing. So, the meeting happened and we drained the keg.

On the way home we pulled off to take a few photos of the stunning scenery. The snow made the drive up on Saturday really dicey, though the roads were in fine condition today.

Winter Highway

The trees were all laden with snow, and the boundaries between field and woods were all pretty dramatic.

Field's edge

We were near Wisconsin Dells, so the woods were laced with outcroppings of rock. This one stood out because the rock had such a warm coloration to it: It simply drew the eye.

Dells Outcrop

Nearby, after wading through knee-deep snow and scrabbling up a hill, and clawing through some dense brush, I found this southern exposure overhang with icicles already forming. Slithering up under and behind, I captured this one:

Inside looking out

And to round out a nice experience, we arrived home safely.


  1. Thanks John. I do like this batch, and it was fun getting them.

  2. Parties to plan parties are the best! All the fun without any of the actual execution of plans! Yay!

    Mini donuts are good, too :)


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