Monday, January 14, 2008

Mazeau Tableau

DSC_0277, originally uploaded by nataraj_hauser / eyeDance.

Another photo from the Mazopalooza weekend. I really liked this shot: The low light, the pumped up colors (not post-camera), and the funky tableau of the performers. For me there's an element of technical reward with this shot. The shutter speed was 1/20th of a second (F/1.8) and the camera hand-held. That's a tough shot to make. I seemed to get pretty lucky that night. I took nearly 300 photos, mostly in low light, and I got about 45 that were pretty good. I'll take those odds!

When I started this blog I thought I was going to be doing primarily dancer shots. It started that way. Since then I've found myself looking at other things with interest and now am wondering to myself if I want to have the dilution to a more generic photo blog, or keep it more true to its intended (but not immutable) root. I'm sort of enjoying the process of wandering around, subject wise, and I'm not the sort to beat myself up for changing my plan. It's not for want of dancer material. My life is filled with beautiful dancers these days.

Unexpected joy!
The click of the shutter yields
space between moments.


  1. I really like this shot, too. It's like people salad. The colors, especially, with the blue from the right & reddish from the left, really puts a nice twist on it.


  2. Heh. People salad. I like that image!


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