Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Freakin' Brrr!

DSC_0172, originally uploaded by nataraj_hauser / eyeDance.

Another beautiful night for a sunset. Clear and really cold. When I went in to work this morning it was -8(F), and I blew past an early exit where I could have had a fantastic shot. If it stays super cold I'll get another chance. Leaving work today around 5:00 PM, the sun was just setting (yea, spring is coming!) and I opted for a more remote route home. This one is just outside of Madison, coming in from Sun Prairie. The wind was up, the temp was UP to 3 degrees (F), and the sky was crystal clear except for con-trails and a few clouds at the horizon. Nicely convenient for picking up that last bit of sunlight. I didn't last long: Thin gloves and work clothes, in dropping temps and stiff breeze. But I lingered long enough for a half dozen exposures as the sun set. I liked this one.

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  1. I love the contrail that goes right into the sun - you can almost imagine that you're actually looking at the trail of a meteor streaking across the sky.


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