Saturday, March 3, 2012

Twilight Snowfall

Last week was another busy, busy week. It is entirely possible that I have bitten off more than I can comfortably chew at this point in my life, and I feel stretched thin. I made a bunch of commitments before I got a day job because I had a lot of free time. Now I do not, and there are a lot of balls being juggled an it is a bit difficult to keep them all in the air. I have a couple that will resolve this weekend and that will help reduce the stress. And yet the world goes on doing what it does. Yesterday it snowed here in Wisconsin. I understand that some parts of the state got quite a lot, but after all was done here in the capitol city, we had about 2-3 inches of thick, wet snow on the ground.

Twilight On The Yahara River

It was really, really pretty, and I hope to get out later today to capture a bit more of it, perhaps at Edna Taylor Conservancy. Hard to say for sure. I have a stove and refrigerator being delivered today, and that takes a bunch of time to empty the old into coolers, clean under the old stove (ugh) and generally prepare so the delivery guys can get in and out. I have a bit of photo editing and DVD-burning to complete, and I have a poster for our upcoming aerial dance show that has to get done this weekend. And tonight there is a party!

Twilight Along The Yahara River

I also want to get to a store or two and find a carbon steel wok. The new stove is gas and my electric wok is going away. I have wanted a gas stove my entire adult life, and after 23 years the electric stove that came with our house finally started to fail. Yes, it could have been repaired, perhaps even easily, but when we realized it was failing I did a happy dance and my heart leapt with joy. Reena did not even challenge my expressed wish for a gas stove. She's the best!

The Neighbor's Tree

So it is possible I will not be able to take the time to wander in this winter wonderland today. It is a bit of a shame really. We have had so little "winter" this year that this may be my only real opportunity. We shall see. It would not have to be a long outing...

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