Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

SOMEbody really wanted to be outside this morning. Too bad for her that she blew it recently. She had outside privileges because she had demonstrated a willingness to stay in the fenced back yard. On the first really warm night, she went on walkabout. And then did it again.


So now we are back to square one. We put her on the leash a couple of times - which she HATES - and now she will not go outside at all. That is OK, but she had it sooo good. Bummer for her, and us too really.

Here is what she would have seen in the yard today.


Pretty sweet in that early morning light, no?

Happy first day of spring!

1 comment:

  1. You should make your poor kitty a fenced enclosure so that she can safely enjoy the yard! You can attach it to a cat door or to the window, so that she can go in and out by herself.


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