Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cheap Stress Relief

Today was one of those suddenly-again rare days. The sort where, despite being in the midst of a tornado of activity and things that must get done, there is a calm spot, a brief moment where there are no demands on your time. Sure there is laundry to do and some spring yard work that would be good to get done, but no demands. What to do? Go for a ride!


Wisconsin has some really beautiful countryside and Madison is fortunate to be in a dividing spot. To the north and west it is hilly and the roads are serpentine. To the south and east it is flat and wide open. Naturally I headed northwest!

I headed to the Wisconsin river, crossing on the free ferry at the tiny hamlet of Merrimac. Waiting for the ferry is generally fun because people get out of their cars and chat. It is not the fast way to anywhere, so no one is in a rush. After crossing, I turned east and went to an old favorite family picnic area: Durward's Glen. I explored on foot for about 20 minutes, checking out some areas I had not been to in years. And I made a new friend. She seemed like a local.


I took the long way home, enjoying the complete freedom. I really only used about three hours and about two and a half gallons of gas. That really is cheap stress relief!

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