Monday, June 27, 2011

With Rain You Get Rainbows. And mud.

I was gone last week, and even though there was Internet access, I chose not to avail myself of it. For me this was a working vacation: I was vending my service as a portrait photographer at a festival. The week worked out pretty well, and I even made a little bit of money after covering all my expenses. I might have done a little better, but there were ... issues.

First off, it rained. A lot. The first night of the festival we got approximately six inches of rain. That is pretty noticeable when people are camping! The rain created mud. And puddles. And mosquitoes in abundance.



But when there is rain (and it rained every day until the last day, dangit) there are frequently rainbows, and in this case a rainbow with a very unusual sky.

Yep, the sky was that color! (DS3_0677)

And it is also true that rainbows come in a variety of forms! This double rainbow was very entertaining.


Without the rain, chilly temperatures, mud, and mosquitoes I would have had a very successful week. I also learned a lot about the back end equipment I need, and so a laptop that is not ten years old will have to be acquired before I do more festivals where I have to deliver product on-site. The one I was using was just too slow for what I was asking of it. When it was a hot, new model, digital photos were in the 1.5-3 meg range. Mine are all running around 6-10 megabytes, and I shot 1,200 of them. Tasks that might take 3 minutes at home were taking 10-15 minutes, and simply rotating an image was over 5 seconds. Over the next weeks or months I will be keeping my eye out for a good used laptop in the 2-4 year old range. A Mac would be fabulous, but I'm not fussy and I am feeling frugal.

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