Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Day Longer, One Day Stronger

Yesterday was something like Day 115 of the People's Protest against Wisconsin Governor (temporarily) Scott Walker and pretty much everything he stands for. A recent poll shows that among Democrats he has a favorable rating of just 8%, yet among Republicans in the state his approval rating is 87%. Polarizing much? I am curious to see how that 87% feels about him when his proposed slashes to the school budgets begins to directly affect their children or grand children.

Here is a photo from yesterday's rally, with two fellows holding a sign I think will become quite popular.


And here is a photo taken on February 15th, the day after protests really started to pick up steam. At this point Walker had been in office approximately 30 days, and had already managed to polarize the state.

Rally Against Gov. Walker and All He Stands For

For four months We The People have had to keep rallying and marching and suing and remaining vigilant against the Machiavellian actions of this Governor. In about a month there will be recall elections affecting six Republican senators and three Democrat senators. It is possible that the balance of power will shift - slightly - so that the Governor does not have such a free hand to pass legislation that directly affects those in the state who are least able to care for themselves and rewards the wealthiest. And then in November there may well be a recall election for the Governor himself. Of course, those recall elections require the Governor and his toadies at the Department of Administration to actually make those elections happen. Such a glaring conflict of interest!

We are not done fighting. As I heard a speaker say a few days ago, "Democracy does not stop once you have cast your vote on election day." To those Tea Party Republicans who shout, "You lost! Get over it!", I reply,


You can see all my photos from the protests is this SLIDE SHOW. The most recent are up front.

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