Sunday, October 3, 2010

Slimy Crud

There is a local motorcycle "gang" called the Slimy Crud Motorcycle Gang which consists primarily of gentlemen of a certain age who share a passion for interesting motorcycles. Their club motto is "Ride hard, ride short." Each spring and fall for many years now, they have instigated a ride-in event known colloquially as the "Slimy Crud" or the "Crud Run". It is not an official event; there is no specific ride or organization. People show up at the first location, look at each others bikes, and ride their own route to the second destination. So what? Well the simple fact is that anyone in the region that has something cool brings it to this event. It is a motorcyclists wet dream.

This little beauty, a 1966 Honda 450, was decked out as a police bike with a motor-driven siren.


Motor-Driven Siren

This well-sorted Yamaha RD350 was getting plenty of attention. I happened to be standing nearby when the owner fired it up. It started right up and gave a nicetrip down memory lane with its signature "ring-ding-ding" two-stroke sound.


Not everything is pristine, but the evidence of love abounds.


Here is my SLIDE SHOW of photos from today and a few previous Crud Runs. Enjoy!

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