Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nala Craves Tiny Places

Our new feline companion, Nala, has become less of a 'fraidy cat over the past week and is now spending most of her time out and about the house in a way that is, well, companionable. She does not spook at every noise and run off to hide. Now she is more likely to run a few steps to investigate the source of the noise.

I spend a lot of time during the day in front of my computer in our home office. Behind me is Reena's desk. Yesterday I heard Nala exploring behind me. I turned to make sure she was not on the desk (she is not allowed on any table or counter - she can sit only where we sit). It seems she wanted to be nearby and in a tiny place:


You need to understand that this is a 12 pound cat. She is not tiny in any sense of the word, but she sure likes small places.

Our learning to live together continues apace. She gets less nervous, and we learn how to give her the attention she craves without overdoing it or spooking her. I think she will be a fine fit ... someday soon.


  1. Cats and their caves :) So happy that she's adjusting and learning to trust you!

  2. "I claim this cave in the name of ME!"


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