Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Into Saturation

There is something almost magical about fall: The absence of fecundity heralded by an outpouring of riotous colors. The sky takes on an achingly beautiful blue.

Geese on the wing

The leaves offer a palate from screaming yellow to ruby red. The saturation allows the eye to drink deeply and satisfyingly.

Bridge at Vilas Park Ave

I took these, and a handful more, while awaiting a client on Saturday morning as I was scouting suitable locations. I enjoyed the time, and found myself wishing I had been there an hour or two earlier to catch those first minutes of light. Another day perhaps.


  1. I love the "sitting duck" pic, and am curious what the one immediately after it is. I figure it's part of a tree trunk, maybe with growth over old damage?

  2. Hi Snooze! The photo to which you refer is a fungus at the base of a tree. It WAS strange as the main body was about the size of a dinner plate, but the secondary piece looked like a paw reaching out of a hole in the base of the tree.


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