Friday, July 23, 2010

Dancer Guy Keeps Me Covered

There is a bit on one of Robert Heinlein's novels that has always amused me. In Stranger In A Strange Land the main character, Valentine Michael Smith, has established his household as a polyamorous nest. The adults in the nest comport themselves well enough, though routinely naked, which is potentially off-putting to those who do not share the opinion that there is absolutely nothing wrong with nudity. To prevent such casual indelicate moments, they post a sign on their door that asks, "Are you naked?"

Dancer Guy Reminds Me

Since I share the naturist mindset, I amused myself by employing some magnets from a refrigerator poetry set to post the same query on my front door. A magnetically-attached articulated figure that we refer to as Dancer Guy often poses on the door near the text. As I was walking out to take a photo of a flower in the yard - dressed, of course - I noted that Dancer Guy was doing an especially fine job at reminding me to observe proper neighborly decorum.

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