Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Water Nymph

I recently had an opportunity to go on a working vacation. As part of the festival I attended, I offered my services as a photographer to festival goers. The intent was to allow them to be captured in their element, attired as they wished and using any props they wanted. The week didn't quite go as I anticipated, but it did go well. Most of what I shot was pretty casual, if unusual: A commitment ceremony in a creek, with the 'altar' being an air mattress anchored with a rock; a commitment ceremony of a couple adding a third partner to their relationship; a father-son with matching kilts; and a couple looking for relaxed images of their colorful selves using the lush greenery as background.

And I got to do these shots of a woman in the creek.

Photo Shoot in the Creek

I was hoping to capture the feel of the 'Sirens' scene in "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?". We did a series of photos at this location which had become an inviting spot for her. I had brought along the silk to be used as a prop and for this it was exactly right.

Photo Shoot in the Creek

It was an absolute delight to shoot these. She quickly relaxed and felt right at home in front of the camera. There were a number of really good ones, and the entire batch was fun to review and share. Her partner was delighted with the results as well. When work is like this, I remember why I changed careers.

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