Sunday, April 11, 2010

Take that, Winter!

Three days ago Nature handed us one of those reminders that here in Wisconsin, Winter does not let go easily. After a particularly lovely March, and a pretty balmy start to April, Winter said, "Ha!"

Winter's Not Letting Go

There were some stunned plants in the yard, looking both ravaged and beautiful in their rime.

Winter's Not Letting Go

Winter's Not Letting Go

By yesterday, Spring had fired back and let Winter know that she was not to be held at bay. A day and a half of nice soaking rain followed by sunshine and temperatures in the 50's (F) made for delicious conditions for puttering in the yard, puttering with motorcycles (and going for a ride, natch!), and generally enjoying the daffodils and jonquils.


Today seems to be aiming a bit warmer, and still sunny. I think I will separate some hosta, work some compost into the forthcoming veggie garden, and maybe disappear into the afternoon sun on a bike. Spring...Ahhh!

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