Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photocopying, Spring

After helping my sister move some furniture this morning, Reena wanted to stop at Kinkos to do some photocopying. It being a beautiful day, and having my trusty D40 with me, I opted to remain outside and see what there was to see.


There were flowers blooming that I didn't have in my yard so I snapped away. After getting a few good ones, we returned home and I prowled my own yard finding some new spring beauty there.


As I photographed I had this phrase "garden squares" pop into my head, and so I decided to crop the set into squares. It was fun to play with the composition, both in the camera - knowing I was going to crop - and on the computer as I looked at each one I had taken. There were a couple that were simply not good candidates for a square crop, so I left them as is.


Follow the link to see the entire small batch as a SLIDE SHOW in much larger size. It is worth the minute.

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